Mikao Usui

1. Origin of Reiki
2. New discovery and worldwide spread
3. Mechanism of action
4. Diseases

A Japanese medicine overcomes the world

1. Origin of Reiki

Reiki is just a name. This was later chosen for a treatment with Reiki. The healing method behind the term Reiki has been around for 2000 years. It is a transfer of energy that is passed from the universe to man. There are many forms of this energy and different ways to transfer it.

Some terms used in Reiki originate from Buddhism. However, it should be noted that Reiki himself does not use Buddhism.

2. New discovery and worldwide spread

What makes Reiki unique is the approach to treatment. Mikao Usui rediscovered such a special form of treatment some 80 years ago. Through various studies of ancient writings in the US, China and Japan. Later he entered a Buddhist monastery. According to a legend - standing next to his grave on a blackboard, he meditated 21 days in March 1922 on Mount Kurama. There he received a kind of relief, where he gained his extensive knowledge of the healing method. He realized that he had found an energy that flowed through him to help other people.

Meaning of the name Reiki

Later he gave this healing method the name Reiki. The term Reiki is an artificial word and is composed of the words Rei (spirit, soul) and Ki (life energy). Merged the words "universal, everywhere predominant energy" or also called life energy. He eventually called the healing method, which he constantly developed, Usui Reiki Ryōhō. In addition to this designation of origin, there are now far more names of other Reiki master, who have ever developed the original Reiki treatment methide.

The first Reiki association

In 1922 Usui founded the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai. This still exists today. He then opened a clinic in Harajuku, where he also taught Reiki to students and in 1925 a larger clinic in Nakano. One of his students in 1925 was ship doctor Hayashi Chūjirō. In 1926, Mikao Usui died.

International distribution of Reiki

Dr. Hayashi opened his own clinic in Tokyo and in 1931 his own company Hayashi Reiki Research Center. A young Hawaiian woman named Hawayo Takata came to this clinic and was treated there for various diseases. Because she was completely healed there, she asked Dr. Hayashi to become Reiki master. She was the first Reiki master outside of Japan. She returned to Hawaii and from there Reiki spread further and further.

Use and effect of Reiki

3. Mechanism of action

How Reiki works

According to the teachings of Usui, the practitioner receives energy from the universe. This energy flows through the practitioner's body and is transferred by his hands to the person to be treated. Reiki does not work as a medicine that affects the body with healing. Reiki activates the self healing powers of the body.

Anyone who has heard from ghost healers knows that they also work with energy. The difference here, however, is that they use their own energy. This also affects their own health and condition. Excessive use can make them tired. A Reiki practitioner does not know this limitation.

Energy forms

There are different forms of energy that we already know in our daily lives. Let's think of electricity, radio waves, microwave. Every form of energy has a certain frequency. Although the energy of Reiki is not immediately visible, it can still be visualized by Kirlian photography. The photos were taken before and after a treatment and so there is a difference in the effect of Reiki on the people being treated. Weiterhin could be an effect of Reiki durch Blutuntersuchungen und Speichelproben festgestellt.

Customer experiences

Reiki treats not only physical complaints, but also mental complaints. That is why Reiki always affects the entire organism. As a result, the customer experience can vary enormously. To make your own experiences, a Reiki practitioner must therefore be visited.

The application and forms of treatment

Before energy can be transferred, the practitioner must prepare for the Reiki application through a suitable ritual. Then he performs a body scan. In this way the practitioner can then focus on specific points. Depending on the training received, Reiki can be transferred in different ways.

Reiki is used in the Western version with the knowledge, the Reiki energy flows independently to the most necessary place. Accordingly, the practitioner follows his intuition or applies Reiki in certain positions.

Different diseases

Usui and Dr. Hayashi have set up both clinics in Japan, where people with different conditions are treated. The spectrum of diseases is very extensive. In Western countries, different diseases can only be treated by doctors and / or medical specialists.

Reiki in conventional medicine

In some European countries, the effectiveness of Reiki has also spread in conventional medicine. There are now also medical practices or psychologists offering Reiki. In Germany there are several clinics that Reiki use in the treatment of cancer in chemotherapy, in gynecology, in the pain therapy of a hospital for accident and in psychiatry / psychotherapy.