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Stochastic Resonance
Andullation: a 3D representation
Lymphatic system

1. First developments of stimulation
2. Resonance therapy is Andullation therapy
3. Mechanism of action
4. Diseases

History of Andullation

1. First developments of stimulation

The beginning of Andullation can already be found at Charcot (see Goetz, 2009) in 1880. This developed a vibrating chair for the treatment of patients with Parkinson's. Until 1958 the vibration was developed in various applications. With the end result a positive influence on respiratory function and circulation could be exercised.

From 1970 to 1996, Nazarov conducted research into biomechanical stimulation. With the biomechanical stimulation, a training effect in the muscles was achieved about ten to one hundred times faster. This was followed by research on non-linear dynamic systems from Mainzer. In 1960 the beginning of the oscillation begins with Biermann. The oscillation ultimately resulted in the improvement of bodily functions.

2. Resonance therapy is Andullation therapy

In 2002-2004 hhp developed the first massage system with oscillation. In the period 2004-2006, several scientists are researching Stochastic Resonance. In 2007, the first patent for the Andullation was submitted. Since then the Andullation therapy has been continuously developed by the company hhp.

Use and effect of Andullation

3. Mechanism of action

Removing tension

By unilaterally strenuous work creates a wrong sitting or posture in the muscle tensions of the body. These lead to prolonged tension in the neck, shoulders, but also in the upper and lower back. Tensed muscles can not be adequately supplied with nutrients. The shortage eventually leads to pain.

Treatment of the pain stimulus

Everyone who is hurt by pain, therefore, draws his utmost attention to the daily, life-controlling event. The soft vibrations of the Andullation superimpose the pain signals with positive signals. Moreover, the body's own endorphins (hormones) are released, which have an even more pain-suppressing effect. The deep infrared heat expands the vessels and the vibration also ensures better blood circulation in the muscles. Nutrients are resumed and the voltage is released.

Andullation: a 3D representation

Energy production in the cell

Our body consists of 100 trillion cells. To make this work, they need energy. This is provided by the ATP molecule (adenosine triphosphate). But lack of energy can kill them, which has negative causes for our organs and therefore our health. Cells regularly renew themselves in a well-functioning circulation. Due to incorrect diet, stress, natural outside influences and the aging process, the renewal can be disrupted.

The soft micro currents induced by soft vibrations in the Andullation promote the production of ATP for the required energy. At the same time, the infrared deep heat facilitates the better penetration of the vibration. This can increase the amount of energy in the cells.

Improved blood circulation

Our body is supplied with nutrients through the blood. In the case of poor blood circulation, fewer nutrients enter our organism. The result: we become tired and eventually become ill. With sick blood the blood cells continue to clump together and contract. Vitality is lost and the transport of nutrients is reduced. The Andullation separates blood cells from each other again. At the same time they are set in motion. The blood becomes fluid and more nutrients can be re-transported.

Lymphatic system

Strengthen the lymph system

In addition to the bloodstream, the lymphatic system is the most important transport system in the human body. This specializes in the transport of nutrients and waste. At the same time it ensures the removal of pathogens such as bacteria and other foreign bodies. The Lymph flow of the Lymph - an aqueous body fluid - is stimulated by the andullation, which is better set in motion. Likewise, metabolism works better through Andullation. This also stabilizes the immune system. Diseases are prevented by the removal of pathogens.

Different diseases and forms of treatment

Pain symptoms

Acute pain

Acute pain comes from prolonged tension or physical exertion. Often these efforts can also result from unilateral movements. The mechanical vibrations of the Andullation cause positive signals in the body, which lead to a superposition of the pain. In the same way, the infrared heat provides less pain.

Chronic pain

Chronic pain can usually not be cured. However, pain can be relieved with the Andullation based on various complaints such as back pain, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. By reducing the pain, a better quality of life can be restored. The mode of action is similar to the treatment of acute pain. For chronic pain, the Andullation must be used regularly. With regular use of the Andullation, the body's own hormone production ensures the release of endorphins. Endorphins lead to pain relief.


In the digital era, a lot of private and professional work is done with digital devices. A wrong body or sitting position quickly leads to tension. Nor can not regularly used mattresses lead to tension.

Incorrect movements can be uncomfortable, but they are not permanently painful, in this case it is a tension in the muscles, and the tension can quickly relieve them due to the slight vibrations. If the causes of the tension are not found or not changed, the tension lead to acute pain.



The pressure to perform in many companies has continuously increased over the past decades. This is not only felt by managers, but also by employees. In addition to work, the pressure remains to perform in private life. This power pressure causes negative stress that can quickly lead to burn-out.

Andullation can be very useful here. The slight vibration relaxes all muscles. At the same time, the infrared deep heat for an expansion of the blood vessels and the vibration to better blood circulation of the muscles. By activating positive signals, the negative signals of the sympathetic are put into perspective.

Relaxation massage

Many people enjoy a good relaxing massage. But a relaxation massage usually only stays on the surface of the body. The Andullation goes deep into the body, generates positive signals in our brains and relaxes the muscles completely. A deep relaxation is activated and we can relax holistically. The relaxation can go so far that patients fall asleep during the Andullation.

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