About Vitavinas

Vitavinas works with a holistic treatment. We will take a look at the physical body, psyche and emotions.

At the same time, several healing methods from conventional medicine and alternative medicine are linked together.

Based on this concept, Vitavinas begins Andullation therapy and Reiki. Corresponding treatments in companies, at trade fairs and other events that are offered earlier. The feedback from the patients was always positive - check out our reviews.

Both therapies can be used individually or in combination.

Our company name Vitavinas

Our company name Vitavinas is composed of several words:
Vita - via - natura - sport
Living - Way - Nature - Sport


Communication can be done in English, Dutch and German.

Over de eigenaar

Wolfram Rößler has been interested in alternative medicine for 38 years. Since then the objective of this project already exists.

After completing the school, he introduced oxygen-based products for the manufacturer on the German market. This was followed by a study in psychology. After graduating, the professional field was active for years in professional sales and marketing.

Training and work experiences

For 4 years he was associated with the sale and consultation of nutritional supplements. During this time he supported participants in the implementation of a diet change within a project.

From this developed the claim to develop its own food, which is not only used as a food supplement, but represents a healthy food with all nutrients. The development of this product was significant in the years 2014 - 2018.

Own experiences in (pain) complaints

Because of his own pain experiences on the back, headache, knee and feet, Mr. Rößler consulted different treatment methods with different therapists, but they were all unsuccessful. Under the influence of these experiences, the interest of alternative medicine came to the fore again.

Corresponding research led to the application of Andullation therapy, which permanently prevented the pain of the area at the back and after sporting activities that caused an overload, such as muscle pain.

Additional training

In 2017 he followed a training in massage, anatomy, pathology and physiology. Furthermore, in 2017 he was admitted to the 1st and 2018 in the 2nd degree of Reiki.

Other interests

In his spare time he is a composer, glass artist and designer. Additional training in alternative medicine.